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Beginners Aromatherapy Recipe Guide Beginners Aromatherapy Recipe Guide

Guidebook to Beginning Aromatherapy. Learn how to use essential oils confidently with this fantastic starter recipe book complete with aromatherapy safety information. This booklet was written by Smile's very own clinical aromatherapist, Olivia MacMillan.

*This is the digital download eBook version, not a hard copy.

SMILE Price: $4.99
Intro to Crystal Healing Intro to Crystal Healing

Those shiny, pretty rocks aren’t just for display! Crystals have a long tradition of being used for a myriad of purposes including protection, healing, prosperity, love, and more. This webinar presentation video by Certified Crystal Healer Olivia MacMillan offers the chance to discover:

  • How and why crystals affect our bodies, minds, and emotions
  • 10 of the most versatile crystals and how to care for them, cleanse them, and charge them.
  • How to create a grid for prosperity and a simple crystal meditation technique to help you get to know your crystals on a deeper level

List Price: $19.99
SMILE Price: $19.99