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Nag Champa Fragrance Oil: Amber Bottle / Fragrance Oil: 10 mL Organic Lavender Flowers Organic Plantain, Cut & Sifted
Organic Lavender Flowers
SMILE Price: $2.99
Nag Champa Fragrance Oil
The fresh, sweet aroma of lavender has relaxing and uplifting qualities that leave users with a sense of calm and balance, making it one of today's most popular scents. Plantain is traditionally used for upper respiratory support, and is topically used for minor cuts, bruises, and stings.*
Wildcrafted Chaga Chunks Jasmine Flowers Organic Lemon Balm
Wildcrafted Chaga Chunks
SMILE Price: $5.49
Jasmine Flowers
SMILE Price: $3.59
Organic Lemon Balm
SMILE Price: $3.19
Chaga has been a part of folk medicine in Russia, Poland, China and numerous Baltic countries for many centuries. Researchers are studying its traditional use as a restorative tonic as well as its support for skin, respiratory, and digestive health.* Along with its popularity in aromatherapy and perfumery, jasmine is also popular as an herbal tea, alone or mated with green or black tea. Lemon balm is a sweet, lemony scented herb in the mint family. Its subtle lemon flavor with mint and herb undertones makes it a popular relaxing tea.
Organic Red Rose Petals Chickweed
Organic Red Rose Petals
SMILE Price: $2.39
SMILE Price: $1.79
Prized for its delicate beauty and intoxicating fragrance, rose buds and petals are a staple of potpourri blends and sachets. Chickweed is a low growing annual native to Europe that is often prepared as a soothing ointment or skin cream.