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Organic Catnip Chelated Cal-Mag: Bottle / Vegetarian Tablets: 90 Tablets Cal-Mag-Zinc (with Vitamin D3): Bottle: Vegetarian Tablets / 100 Tablets
Organic Catnip
SMILE Price: $3.69
Catnip leaf can be used as a tea. If you live with a cat (or more than one), you'll want buy it in sizable quantities to keep your kitties entertained. Meeting daily calcium requirements is important to maintain bone density
and strength, as is obtaining an adequate supply of magnesium. These
important minerals in our Chelated Cal-Mag supplement also
support muscle and nerve function and promote healthy bones and teeth.*
Betaine HCl is added to optimize the absorption of these minerals.
Our Cal-Mag-Zinc supports bone and nervous system health by providing 100 or more of all three of these essential minerals per serving.
Moringa: Bottle / Vegetarian Capsules: 60 Vegetarian Capsules
The Moringa Tree is touted as "Nature's Multi-Vitamin" because of its very dense nutritional properties. When compared "ounce for ounce," the leaves have been touted to contain about the same Calcium as 4 glasses of milk, the same amount of Potassium as 3 bananas, the same Vitamin C as 7 oranges, and the same Vitamin A as 4 carrots.*

  • Nature's Multi-vitamin
  • Plant Source Calcium
  • Support Bone Health
  • Promote Healthy Skin & Nails